Q: Ballpark: What are some bathroom remodel price ranges?

Hello, I asked this question in Kitchens and thought it made sense to ask the same thing in Bathrooms.

I think it would be helpful for homeowners to get some price ranges for bathroom remodels. I know pros don't like making generic estimates. However, we homeowners know that real estimates depend on specifics (i.e. we won't hold you to what you say here!). And, for those just starting to think about a bathroom remodel, price ranges can help determine whether they can afford the upgrade.

With that in mind, what are some price ranges for the following:

A half-bath remodel - affordable
A half-bath remodel - high-end
A standard bathroom remodel - affordable
A standard bathroom remodel - high-end
A master bath (large) remodel - affordable
A master bath (large) remodel - high-end

If you feel it is necessary to put square footages to these ranges, please do. I am sure that would be helpful to everyone.

Thanks! I think this will be helpful to a lot of folks.

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