Q: Is adding a DIY wall mount toilet a bad idea?

How bad is this? Is it ok, code/not code? Should it come out before selling?
I have a wall mount in the basement bath. It's got a flush-o-meter. There is a 4 gallon pressure tank with a back-flow preventer supplying just the toilet. Never a problem flushing - lots of power! However, the frame it's mounted on appears to be a beefed up section of wall. It has 2x8 running up/down, with a 4x4 square in the middle of that, all pressure treated. All held together by lags, fastened to the concrete floor (bottom plate out of 2x8) and floor joists above. There are 3/4 inch bolts going thru the 4x4 frame that the toilet is mounted on. Seems VERY stable. But, is this a big deal code-wise and will it fail some day? Should I be looking to convert that to steel frame and is it ok to just custom design my own frame to replace the wood? Or, is all this fine and I should just not worry about it? Looks nice. No issues so far.

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