Q: Is it necessary to sandblast a terrible do-it-yourself tub refinishing job before having professionals do a proper refinishing?

I have a porcelain tub that previous owners must have tried to refinish themselves and did a terrible job. It will not clean and is pealing away in places. I plan to have the tub professionally refinished, but i was told by a plumber that I trust that the tub should first be sandblasted because the new finished would begin to erode within a month or two if it isn't sandblasted first. Is this correct? Also, do bathtub refinishers provide sandblasting as a part of the refinishing job? Also, if the tub is sandblasted and the old refinish removed, is it worthwhile to have it professionally refinished? I really don't want to have to remove the tub since that would be an awful project and probably lead to more problems in the long run, but I don't want to waste money trying to remove the old refinishing job if a new refinishing job won't be satisfactory.

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