Q: Is it necessary to first sandblast a porcelain tub that has been previously refinished but is now peeling and needs professional refinishing?

I have a porcelain tub that previous owners evidently tried to do-it-yourself refinish, not very successfully, and it is now impossible to clean and is peeling in places. A plumber that I trust told me that the tub must be sandblasted first or any new refinishing, even those applied by professionals, will not take? Do tub refinishing companies sandblast tubs in this condition as part of the refinishing process or is that a separate step and a separate company must be hired to do that? How messy is the sandblasting process? This is a small bathroom, so will the sandblasting damage the existing tiles, sink, toilet, or floor? How should I choose a good tub refinisher that I can trust to do the job correctly and professionally?

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