Q: Venetian Plaster Disaster Any Advice?? We are in the process of a kitchen remodel and I got this bright idea to refinish my wall w/ Venetian Plaster.

The wall covers a pretty good size area, accommodates two doorways & leads up to a high cathedral type ceiling. I used Behr V.P. Long story short, disaster. I began in an inconspicuous corner, looked ok so I went on. Our walls have a knocked down textured finish so the plaster filled in the low areas first, leaving the high spots exposed; to be expected. The wall was painted a darker color so there was quite a bit of the original finish still showing through. I’m following instructions, applying thin layers, allowing to dry, etc. After applying 2 cans it’s noticeably inconsistent in finish & color. I buy 2 more cans; still dark spots, high/low and rough areas Desperate, I paint the wall as close to V.P. color. The wall began to bubble & blister Yikes! Used hair dryer and pin & finally got it smoothed out. Tried sanding (600& 100 grit) sandpaper immediately collects a smooth glassy film. Useless.Tried scrapping, reapplying, everything! 4 gal V.P. $150 1 Gal paint $30 100 hrs HELP!

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