Q: Is it possible to keep a white tile floor with grey grout, white tile shower and white porcelin tub?

We are adding granite tile floors and shower, and marble countertops in our master bath. Our entire two story home has been repainted in off white colors for the trim and cabinets and shades of browns on the walls. The question is in trying to save money we are wanting to keep the white tile on the upstairs bathroom floor and shower area. The grout on the floor is grey. Our hallway wall color is camel. Is it possible to keep the white tile floor with the grey grout and white tile shower and white porcelin tub? The sinks in this bathroom are white where our other bathrooms are off white in color. The entire house except for this bathroom is in creams and brown tones. We found granite for the upstairs bathroom that has greys and browns and creams in it, but we are having trouble finding a paint color for the walls and thinking the white floors, sinks, tub and trim might look out of place with the rest of the house. We have painted the vanity a grey brown color that seems to blend with whites or cream.

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