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I just bought an older home and they did some remodeling and made an open concept between the kitchen and the living. Which is great but they put a low wooden divider at the break between the kitchen and living room
Longest part of the divider is 24 inches tall and 16 inches wide and 48 inches long /. shortest section 34 inches long and the same height and width .  There is a routed area at top of the boxes just under the the wooden trim at the top so can be used with a glass insert on top...(which we believe had been there but were missing).  Last owner decorated this box divider by putting in some sand and sea shells over the dirt at the bottom of the box.  This sets on both carpet and  ceramic tile-which I do not want to change because of good condition of both, plus there is no extra of the tile or carpet left by previous owner.   What ideas do you have to offer on what can be done with this Divider? We came up the following ideas....just to leave divider and cover with  glass? Cover with wood and cushions and use as a bench? Build up around and make another cabinet ? But the counter top possibly cannot be duplicated since it is a granite tile we can not find. What about the support coming up through divider?
Cut it down to the ground or take it out and put what on the floor ? Any ideas and helpful hints as what is easiest, looks best and makes sense in the area?

Thanks in advance for your assistance...
Matthew Kish

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