Q: hello, I am working on an artistic sort of project, i plan to put wide plank wood for flooring and i want to put concrete between each two planks

i removed the old floor and i am down to subflooring, i plan to lay the floor planks which are about 10 feet long and 2 feet wide, i plan to lay them about 10 inches apart in width and 6 inches apart in length, i want to poor concrete between the planks, the gap will be about 2 inches deep , i would like to know what type of concrete to use and how to prep the floor for such a thing ???? my plan is to set asphalt felt first , staple it, then lay 2 boards of 1/2 inch cement board , screw them into the floor , then lay metal lath , staple it then finally pour self leveling concrete, i plan to use 2 boards of cement board to save m oney on self leveling concrete because the area of concrete will be 320 sq feet,

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