Q: Installation tips for wide plank engineered floors, nailed down method

I've laid a fair bit of hardwood before, but never engineered and have a few questions before I buy any... I'm looking at 7-8" wide, T&G nail down.

1) can you use slip tongues go reverse direction just like solid hardwood?

2) where I meet stair nosing, it will be parallel to my boards and I'll be backfilling that landing. Do I cut my board width down, and create a new groove on my table saw, and glue in a tongue to attach the nosing to? Are you able to do that with engineered? I'm hoping to plan it so I get to use as close to a full board as possible by the nosing.

3) where the planks meet up against tile with Schluter metal profiles, what should I do? One will be at a 45, another parallel, and another perpendicular. with 3" hardwood I'd always run one board parallel to the tile to make a nice looking transition and then butt my short ends up to it. But with 7" wide boards that would look odd, so do you just run it right up to the trim? Cut the boards In width and have a thinner strip it butt up to? I've seen some that just butted up had a teeny gap filled with colour match caulk. Hopefully the parallel one works out ok...if I do my stair nosing nicely, then it is what it is..hopefully not a sliver of wood...I'll have to plan for it.

4) what do you do about air vents? I don't think the flooring offers a matching air vent. Do I just do wood drop ins? I saw one home where it looked like the installer built their own vents with the engineered floor, and I sure wasn't crazy about how it looked. The holes for the air to come through weren't very nice..just a routered out oval. I want good airflow, and the ability to open and close the vents. But it's a hand scraped floor, lots of knots, and a grey wash. A regular white oak drop in vent might look out of place. I don't mind if it's a drop in vs flush, I just want it to kind of match.

5) as for stapling the floor... I have a stapler that we used on 3/4"'hardwood. Can I use this same one? The engineered floor isn't quite 3/4". And are staples preferred over a nailer? It's going into OSB.

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