Q: Granite slabs versus remnants - is a slab worth it?

My wife and I are looking at replacing our house's Formica countertops with granite. This is a house we have lived in for 28 years and we are doing this with an eye towards eventually selling. There is quite a price difference between granite remnants and granite slabs. What are the benefits of going with a slab? What are the drawbacks of counters made with granite remnants? ...I realize that the slab may add more overall value to the house. I'm just not convinced it's going to add that much value above and beyond new countertops made of granite remnants. And, the cost of those countertops will be much cheaper, leading to a higher overall return on my investment. Also, for our use over the next 5 years, we both would be perfectly happy with remnant countertops. Thank you for your advice.

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