Q: Ballpark: what are some price ranges for kitchen remodels?

I've read a number of questions on this site. After doing so, I realize that contractors don't like to answer generic questions. However, I think a lot of homeowners are just looking for a quick gut check of "can we afford this". In which case, generic ranges are very helpful.

So, in the spirit of generic answers, ballpark, what does it cost to remodel a kitchen (new floors, appliances, counters, cabinets, sink - the full deal)? I think it would be very helpful for homeowners to know rough ranges for the following: an affordable remodel of a small kitchen, a high-end remodel of a small kitchen, an affordable remodel of a large kitchen, and a high-end remodel of a large kitchen. If you wish to put square footages to these ranges, feel free.

We homeowners understand that precise costs can only be estimated with specifics. But, I think a lot of people coming to this site are in their first stages of research. They would find general information like this helpful.


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