Q: Looking for kitchen faucet suggestions.

I am looking for a new kitchen faucet. I like the look of vintage style faucets with a separate side spray, but have heard most have a lower flow/pressure than a pull-out. We have always had really good water pressure and I do not like the lower flow. I would like to still have really good flow/pressure and strong spray. I have been looking at pull-outs because they have a lower profile than the taller pull-downs and longer reach towards the front of the sink. I have a window, so I prefer a faucet around 12" overall height, but still a good spout height(around 8"? or higher from spout to deck). I would also like it in a darker bronze and a lifetime warranty on parts and finish. I am trying to stick with Delta or Moen because of the lifetime warranty and good customer service.

I was considering the Delta Cassidy pull-out (not pull-down), because of the dimensions and it comes in a darker bronze, but I'm not sure how good the water flow/pressure is, I've seen several bad reviews on it and it has a plastic spray head which I've heard to stay away from. I'm also concerned about the lower flow. I wouldn't mind a side spray if I knew it was a quality faucet with strong water flow/pressure, or a pull-down, if it wasn't so tall and had good water pressure. As I mentioned, I would like to stay with Delta or Moen (lifetime warranty and good customer service/easy to get parts). I'd like to stay around $400 or less. Any suggestions? I need to find a faucet so we can complete our remodel. Thanks!

If it matters, our copper sink is 30"x20"x7". Interior is 26"x16"x7" (8" deep when undermounted), and our house is an 1800's log home with very rustic/vintage style.

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