Q: I'm considering extending the 2nd floor over the foyer and closing off the downstairs from the upstair and wondering what problems there might be.

The reason for wanting to do this have to do with sound transference. Im a musician/teacher and my studio is downstairs. Closing it off from the rest of the downstairs is not an option. So I seem to have a choice of closing it off from the upstairs (and probably adding a den behind the house) or adding on a studio behind the house. If I add a studio, I have to include a bathroom. If I leave the studio as is, I won't have to do that. Adding a studio will also cutting down at least one 15 yr old tree, involve soundproofing and the necessity for more added square footage. Closing off the upstairs from the downstairs and adding a den would not require a new bathroom or cutting down trees. I appreciate any perspective you can offer.

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