Q: My home is 24' x 38'. It currently has 2"x8"x12' floor joints on 16" centers with a load bearing wall down the center.

My question is that I want to replace these with 1 3/4" x 7 1/4" x 24' LVL 1.9E Microlams and do away with the load bearing wall. The wall has 2x6 header build into it with an already low basement ceiling makes the doors through the load bearing wall 6' tall. The 2x8s are too weak for ceramic and one under the bathroom is starting to rot from an old leak and needs to be replaced anyway. I've looked at the specs for the microlams but its all in greek to me. How do I find out if these will support my home with out the load bearing wall? I don't know how to figure the load of my home.

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