Q: Can a load bearing header be placed above the roof rafters instead of below?

I have a load bearing wall in an area that is 25.5' wide (parallel to the roof span) by ~15' wide. The current load bearing wall takes up about 8.5' of that 16' width with a pass-through on either side; one end of the span is over an exterior wall; the other falls directly over a load-bearing support pole below in the basement.

I know I can replace the wall with a 16' header (2x10 or 2x12?), but I really don't want that obstacle running down the center of the space (8' ceilings) for the purposes of expanding the kitchen area across the space center.

Is it possible to place the load-bearing header *ABOVE* the rafters, transferring load to the exterior wall and interior pillar, and suspend the rafter/ceiling joists below the header, allowing for a clean, uninterrupted sheetrock surface below?

The rafters are 2x4-framed with double-V bracing meeting in the centerline of the roof peak; approximately 7' between the Vs. this is a single story ranch house

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