Q: How can I fix a fireplace that has been tiled with ceramic tile but the edges look very unfinished?

The owner to a house my husband and I are working for wants us to add some sort of trim to this newly tiled fireplace (done by a previous contractor) but here's the problem he doesn't want us to re-do the fireplace or remove any of the tiles! I'm guessing because the previous contractor took off with over $17,000 and left almost all the work undone or very poorly done and now he calls me and wants me to try to fix it, but I am not very familiar with tiling so I was wondering if anyone knew of any way to sort of hide the unfinished edges of the tile on the fireplace without having to remove any of the tile? Like something I could put over the edges of the ceramic tile to hide the unfinished edges? He is wanting to just make the house presentable to be able to sell it but he doesn't want to pay what it would cost to re-do the whole fireplace.

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