Q: How long should a top to bottom remodel take to complete?

How long should it take 2 men to remodel a 1400 square foot home? They are demoing and installing hardwood floors throughout, new gutters, paint inside and out, 2 whole bathrooms, covering a door, 2 dozen new lights(cans, pendants) cabinets throughout, all new doors, install new slider, add 2 French doors, 2 new windows, new baseboards, fixing electrical, granite countertops, tile in bath and kitchen, remove stove fireplace, 6 exterior lights (5new), new trim in and outside, new front door, add closet, and breakfast bar, fix plumbing, caulking exterior wood siding (detailed) and eaves? Top to bottom remodel with electrical issues and additional features, doors, recessed lighting, and real hardwood floors throughout?

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