Q: I am thinking of moving our laundry room to a different location but I'm not sure if it's a good idea

We have a new build beautiful rambler with a fully finished walkout basement. Most of our bedrooms are in our basement. Our laundry room is currently very small and on the main level. I am thinking of moving it to the basement and converting the current laundry room into a much needed pantry. (It's right off the kitchen). I have a couple of concerns about making this move. First, how much will it cost to install the drainage the a laundry room requires in a cement basement floor? Second, will this move hurt my resale value. I know generally people don't like basement laundry rooms, but I think that's because they are usually dark unfinished spaces. That would not be the case and it would put the laundry room in closer proximity to the majority of the bedrooms.

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